SoapAppera…Your fantasy awaits!

SoapAppera is the gateway to your fantasies! We bring you enticing stories to spice up your day, stories that allow you to immerse yourself in a sensual world of drama and excitement. Better yet, you can customize your story to include you and your friends to make the story all about you.

How does it work?

Simply download the SoapAppera app, available on iTunes and you will have access to our story content. Each series is 10 days long. Click on the “Personalize” option and you can add yourself and your friends as the characters in your story or click on the FaceBook link and add someone from your Friends List.

Additional content and stories will be added frequently so we can offer our readers a variety of situations to indulge their fantasies. Also, if you like a particular story and want even more. Let’s us know so we can tailor our content just for you.

On a break at work? Catch up on what’s happening in your favorite series. Busy until the weekend? Your stories will be saved and waiting for you to dive in when you’re ready. There is always time to satisfy your fantasy.

SoapAppera…Your fantasy awaits!