A Slice of Pumpkin Pie

Aubrey is still reeling from her divorce from Clive over a year after he left her. But today presents a special challenge for Aubrey: it’s Thanksgiving, meaning she’ll be spending hours with the lunatics she has to call family. But the day transforms into an even bigger rollercoaster than she expected, beginning with a set-up with one of her brother’s friends, Diego. While Aubrey initially bristles to the idea, she ultimately can’t help her attraction to this Argentinean.

Aubrey Adair-Bennett – Aubrey is bitterly sarcastic and defiant. She’s still trying to heal in the wake of her separation from Clive and at the outset of the story, hasn’t so much as been attracted to a man in a year. She’s frighteningly thin thanks to the “post-divorce diet” – meaning she runs like a maniac and barely eats.

Diego Bernal – Lewis’s Argentinean friend from college who, though he has lived in the United States for decades, still has a touch of his native accent. He’s ruggedly sexy with a touch of preppy. He’s sweet and incredibly charming, determined to win his way into Aubrey’s heart.

Clive Bennett – Aubrey’s soon-to-be ex-husband who may not be completely over her, in spite of the fact that he left her.

Sheila Adair – Aubrey’s overbearing mother who is renowned for her obsessive-compulsive tendencies. She’s a control freak, which in many ways has rubbed off on her daughters.

Robert Adair – Aubrey’s bumbling father who is mild-mannered, unless his feathers get ruffled.

Diane Perkowski – Aubrey’s older persnickety sister who often gets testy with her.

Julie Hansen – Aubrey’s younger sister who’s dealing with the struggle of having a husband who travels a lot for work.

Monica Adair – Aubrey’s younger sister who tries to stay out of the chaos and smooth things over.

Lewis Adair – Aubrey’s older brother who springs the set-up with Diego on her when she arrives at her parents’ house. As the oldest sibling, he tries to look out for his brothers and sisters.

Damien Adair – Aubrey’s gay younger brother who enjoys making quips and stirring up chaos.

Grandma – Aubrey’s grandmother and Robert’s mother who enjoys hitting the bottle a bit too hard around the holidays.

Grandpa – Aubrey’s grandmother and Robert’s father who also enjoys his holiday booze, as well as playing the piano.

Tyler Perkowski – One of Diane’s doe-eyed children.

Claudia Adair – Aubrey’s boisterous aunt who enjoys butting into other people’s business and could talk for days.

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