Mallory’s Awakening

Mallory is beaten and battered in the wake of her failed marriage. One drunken night she vows to take charge of her own life again. Fate seems to agree when two mysterious strangers arrive at Mallory’s place of work the next day and extend an invitation into their secret society. Despite deep reservations, Mallory accepts and soon finds herself pushed to her physical, emotional, and sexual limits by the challenges of the program from the moment she accepts the invitation.

Mallory Benson – Celebrating the first anniversary of her divorce at the outset, Mallory has no idea she is about to embark on a journey of sexual self-discovery. Normally reserved and timid, she suddenly finds herself emboldened and free, exploring parts of herself she’s never traversed before.

Rick Jones – Mallory’s perverted boss who takes great pleasure in trying to seduce her, but backs down when the tables are turned on him.

Sharon O’Connor – One of Mallory’s close friends who she’s known since high school. Though she’s betrayed Mallory in the past, she remains her close confidante.

Natalia Kurvaza – A fiery minx who recruits Mallory to the secret society. Mallory is completely enthralled by the raven-haired beauty from the moment she lays eyes on her.

Doug Taylor – Mallory’s attractive metrosexual neighbor whose bedroom gets quite a lot of traffic.

Brandon Traber– A tall lanky man who, along with Natalia, recruits Mallory to the secret society. He’s mysterious and ferocious, but sensitive to her initial hesitation.

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