More than Friends

What happens when you fall in love with one of your best friends? Robbie’s always secretly pined for Lauren, knowing full well she’d never thought of him in that way. That is until one drunken, passion-filled night changed everything between them.

Lauren Sanders – Scarred from her parents’ divorce, Lauren fears commitment and craves casual sex. She often avoids examining her feelings or any other form of introspection.

Robbie Phelps – Sweet and sensitive Robbie has always been Lauren’s reliable friend. But after they sleep together, Robbie takes a stand, insisting he can’t spend the rest of his life as Lauren’s safety net.

Mike Reuter – Robbie’s roommate and friend to both him and Lauren, Mike often teases Robbie about his feelings for Lauren. He’s known them both since college, as well as his long-term girlfriend.

Kara Allen – Robbie’s other roommate and close confidante to him and Lauren. Kara is incredibly perceptive and often gives advice to her friends.

Josie Krenson – Another college friend who loves to be in the know and can rarely be trusted with a secret. She’s sassy and doesn’t take no for an answer.

Jessie Krenson – Josie’s younger cousin who mirrors a much more forward and ditzier version of Lauren.

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