No Names Necessary

After months of living a lackluster life, Haley takes matters into her own hands. The first step? Having sex with a stranger in an elevator. Little did she know that the man wouldn’t be a stranger for long.

Haley Roberts – Haley has been in a funk since her boyfriend broke up with her. She’s self-deprecating and often perceives herself in a distorted view. She’s a petite brunette with a penchant for shoes.

Greg Pennington – Greg is a preppy, athletic, goofy guy. Haley often finds herself thrown together with him in unexpected situations.

Melissa Schumacher – Haley’s best friend who can be a little tough on her, but only wants the best for her.

Steven Cope – Haley’s gay coworker who is a great friend, but loves to stir up a little mischief.

Natasha Roche – Haley’s coworker who is incredibly observant, but a rather reckless river.

Sylvia Costello – Haley’s co-worker who is a bit tough at first, but is really a sweetheart under the rough exterior.

Eric Compton – Mindy’s ex-boyfriend who tends to be calm, cool, and collected.

Mindy Hulstrom – Greg’s icy ex-girlfriend.

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